Automatic Adhesive Filling Machine

Automatic Adhesive Filling Machine

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Adhesives play a crucial role in various industries, from manufacturing to construction. Ensuring precise and efficient filling of adhesive products is essential for consistent product quality and production targets. Filsilpek proudly presents its Automatic Adhesive Filling Machine, a reliable solution designed to meet the specific needs of adhesive product applications.

Filsilpek Designs and Manufactures Automatic Filling Machines for Adhesive Products

At Filsilpek, our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our Automatic Adhesive Filling Machine. With meticulous attention to detail, we’ve created a robust and adaptable solution that excels in the world of adhesive products.

Our engineers have gone above and beyond to ensure that this filling machine not only meets but exceeds industry standards. It has been crafted to handle the complexities of adhesive materials with varying viscosities, flow characteristics, and container sizes. Whether you’re dealing with thick sealants or fluid glues, our machine provides the precision and reliability needed to maintain product quality and production efficiency.

Trust in Filsilpek for a filling solution that’s as unique as your adhesive products, delivering accuracy, consistency, and peace of mind with every fill.

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Benefits of Automatic Adhesive Filling Machine

Precision and Consistency:Achieve accurate filling levels every time, reducing material wastage and ensuring product quality.

High Productivity:With a high output rate, this machine significantly increases your production capacity, meeting market demands effectively.

Versatile:Suitable for various adhesive products, including sealants, glue, and more, with adjustable filling ranges.

Ease of Use:User-friendly controls and minimal changeover time make it easy to adapt to different product lines.

Hygienic: Designed with cleanliness in mind, our machine uses stainless steel for contact parts and minimizes drips and spills.

Robust Features of Automatic Adhesive Filling Machine

  • Precise filling with ‘Zero Container, Zero Filling’
  • High-quality S.S.316/S.S.304 construction
  • Four filling stations for increased productivity
  • Clean and drip-free pneumatic nozzles
  • Automatic recirculation for minimal product loss
  • Pneumatic bottle stopper mechanism

Technical Specification – Automatic Adhesive Filling Machine

  • Filling Range: 200 gm to 5000 gm
  • Output/Hour: 1000 to 2000
  • Number Of Head Syringe: 4 Nos.
  • Controlling System: PLC Based
  • Filling System: Servo with Gear Pump

Frequently Asked Questions

Our machine can handle a wide range of adhesive products, including viscous adhesives, sealants, glue, and more. The adjustable filling range allows for versatility in product types and container sizes.

Yes, we can work with you to customize the machine to suit your specific adhesive formulation requirements, ensuring precise filling and compatibility.

The machine is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel contact parts are corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. Regular maintenance and cleaning procedures are provided in the user manual to ensure smooth operation.

Yes, the machine’s flexibility allows it to accommodate various bottle sizes and shapes with minimal adjustments, thanks to its servo system. This adaptability is especially useful for handling different adhesive products in your production line.

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