Automatic 5 liter Pesticide Filling Machine

Automatic 5 liter Pesticide Filling Machine

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The PLC Based Filling Machine is compact and highly efficient machine with elegant look. This multi functional multi featured machine meets the GMP requirements of filling for glass, plastic or Aluminum bottles.  The flow of liquid is measured and converted in to electronic signals being controlled by micro computer base circuitry. Minimum adjustment required to set different capacities of containers. The entire range can be set on the same machine without any change parts with help of servo system.

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Application of Automatic 5 liter Pesticide Filling Machine

  • Paint Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Food Industry
  • Any Semi Solid Material
  • Chemical Industry

Features of Automatic 5 liter Pesticide Filling Machine

  • No Bottle No Filling System.
  • All Contact Parts made of S.S.316/S.S.304
  • 4 Filling Stations, space saving design
  • Easy to clean
  • PLC servo base controlling system
  • Pneumatically controlled nozzles, with ‘No Container No Fill’ arrangement.
  • Drip free nozzle arrangement.
  • Reciprocating filling nozzle with self-centering device.
  • Pneumatically operated bottle stopper.

Specification of Automatic 5 liter Pesticide Filling Machine

  • Filling range :- 50 gm to 5000 gm
  • Output/Hour :- 450 to 1200
  • Controlling System :- PLC Based
  • Filling System :- Servo with Gear Pump

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