About Us

We would like to introduce our company FILSILPEK Solutions Pvt. Ltd Ahmadabad (India), as leading We are a prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of premium quality of Liquid Filling Machine, Filling Machine, Viscous Filling Machine, Sealing And Capping Machine, Labelling Machine, Tube Filling Machine, etc (since2013).

We help consumer products companies reduce the packaging cost and societal impact of their product packaging while improving packaging appearance and maintaining product integrity.

Our customers are able to more accurately predict total cost of ownership because of the significant reduction in after-market parts costs through the use of servo controls. They also enjoy higher speed and increased flexibility to change product sizes.

What does FILSILPEK Solutions Pvt. Ltd. do, in a nutshell?

We provide for consumer product companies that are looking for reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to set-up and easy-to-maintain easy-to-installation and packing solutions.
Sometimes this can be bundling equipment that comes after the primary packaging.

Why do people call FILSILPEK Solutions Pvt. Ltd?

Typically, we run through time on the phone and in the field speaking with plant engineers, facility managers and packaging engineers across industries and market segments who tell us that downtime, wrap consistency, change over and maintenance of their existing wrapping equipment are the sources of much frustration to them and their staff.

They usually cite issues such as higher labour costs to work with older equipment, downtime, aggravation, and dollars waiting to replace that one part buried deep within the machine which is needed to keep their machines in time.

Passion for Filling, Sealing, Capping, Labelling Quality?

We are passionate about making really good Filling, Sealing, Capping, and Labelling. We enjoy inventing improvements and new ways to get a great wrap on products. We like getting better each time. And we like learning from our customers.

FILSILPEK Solutions Pvt. Ltd Staff

We are a collection of people in India who come together to make end of line packing that do a better job each time we make them. We are a friendly, curious and inventive group. We have dedicated research and development staff for new and challenging Application excellent intelligent service team to solve queries by phone or on field.

FILSILPEK Solutions Pvt. Ltd Values

We believe in treating you with the respect we give our co-workers, as a partner in solving your packing challenges. We believe in curiosity, self-improvement, honesty, open communication and collaboration.

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