Pouch Feeder Machine With Rejection

Filsilpek Pouch Feeder Machine With Rejection

Pouch Feeder Machine With Rejection

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Pouch feeder machines are becoming increasingly used for industrial packaging around the world and across sectors. Pouches are lightweight, flexible pouches that have a number of advantages over traditional packaging such as metal cans or glass bottles.

FILSILPEK” offers a wide range of feeders with high-speed coding for pouches, cartons, labels, and leads. Feeders for CIJ, Thermal Inkjet, TTO, and Laser Printers are available. We also provide custom application feeders.

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Application of Pouch Feeder Machine

  • Food Industry.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Agricultural Industry.
  • Any Pouch and Carton.

Robust Features of Pouch Feeder Machine

  • Vibration Free.
  • Both sides guided.
  • Help to maximise production proficiency.
  • Easy to changeover for different Pouches.
  • Variable Speed.

Technical Specification – Pouch Feeder Machine

  • Direction of Movement :- Left to Right.
  • Product Running(movement) :- Vertical/ Horizontal (depend on printing direction).
  • Belt Length * :- 1500 mm.
  • Belt Width* :- 600 mm.
  • Operational Height :- 800 mm to 850 mm.
  • Speed :- Variable.

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