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Edible oil is a form of fat that can be made from plants, animals, or synthetic materials and is used for frying, baking, and other sorts of cookery. It’s also known as edible oil because it’s used in food preparation and flavoring that doesn’t involve heat, such as salad dressings and bread dipping sauces.

At room temperature, edible oil is usually a liquid, while some oils containing saturated fat, such as Edible oil, palm oil, and palm kernel oil, are solid.

Olive oil, palm oil, soybean oil, canola oil (rapeseed oil), corn oil, peanut oil, and other vegetable oils, as well as animal-based oils like butter and lard, are among the many edible oils available.

Filsilpek develops and manufactures Edible Oil Filling Machines

Our edible oil liquid filling machines are built to keep up with the industry’s changing needs. We make the perfect machinery to manage your edible oil filling requirements and reach your production targets.

We are known for producing Edible Oil Filling Machines, which are used to fill liquids using a volumetric flow meter. Because the machine has a bottom-up fill assembly and adjustable volume control, the filling speed varies depending on the volume to be filled. We produce this equipment according to industry requirements. It has adjustable volume control and a bottom-up filling assembly, and the filling speed varies according to the volume. This filling machine uses a volumetric flow meter that is controlled by a PLC.

We provide edible oil filling machines and liquid filling lines for lubricants, motor oil, essential oil, engine oil, cooking oil, liquid soap oil, and other oil and liquid items.

Technical Specifications – Automatic Edible Oil Filling Machine

Because the viscosity of vegetable oils and other consumable oil products varies, different edible oil filling machines are required based on the use. We offer piston, gravity, overflow, pressure, and pump fillers to fulfill the needs of various edible oil production lines, ensuring that the filling process is accurate and efficient.

  • Containers are fed below the filling nozzles using a settable twin pneumatically driven stopper system as they move down a stainless steel slat conveyor.
  • To avoid leakage of liquid on the container, the dual pneumatically driven stopper system and reciprocating nozzles may exactly match for container centering below nozzles.
  • To reduce foaming, the adjustable nozzle will reciprocate according to the filling dose, steadily rising from the bottom of the bottle to the neck while filling.
  • A hexagonal bolt is inserted beneath the syringes on the dosing block. As a result, the fill size can be simply adjusted.

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1. What are Automatic Liquid Filling Machines?

Automatic Liquid Filling Machines are used to package things, primarily food and beverages, but also other items. Depending on the product, these are used to fill a bottle or a pouch. The packaging business makes use of a variety of fillers.

2. What is the principle of an Edible oil Filling Machine?

With diving nozzles, the Edible oil filling and sealing machine works on a volumetric concept. Aside from filling, the filling & stoppering machine also seals the bottle.

3. What type of Power supply does the Edible oil Filling Machine require?

The Edible oil filling machine requires a single-phase power supply to run it at its full capacity.

4. How much does an Automatic Edible Oil Filling Machine cost?

To know more on the cost factor, contact us at [email protected] or post an inquiry on the contact us section

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Edible Oil Filling Machine