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Deodorant is a scented product similar to aerosol deodorant that is designed to be applied to areas other than the armpits. Deodorants have a lower concentration of cologne, are less expensive, and act as a deodorant. Butane, isobutane, propane, alcohol, and perfume are all frequent constituents in deodorants.

With the shift in consumer behavior, an increasing number of people are able to transform their ordinary lives into noble, elegant, graceful, and fruitful ones by cleverly integrating their lives with deodorants.

Deodorant, like eating, sleeping, dressing, and applying makeup, has become an essential part of your life, work, education, leisure, and even love, adding color to people’s lives and improving their taste!

People who frequently use perfume are never concerned about their meals. As a result, the noble scent of deodorants naturally integrates with this superiority complex of life. This is a group of people who set themselves apart from the rest of the population. Perhaps they have a certain grace, fashion, elegance, and appeal about them.

Filsilpek Manufactures Automatic Deodorant Filling Machines

Our team of professionals at Filsilpek will work with you to make your product idea a reality. Our team will create the greatest formulations, product designs, and more to ensure a high-quality, high-performance product that is rapidly released to the market. We can also be a full, turn-key solution provider at the best value to you because we can oversee the entire process from concept to delivery.

Robust Feature of the Deodorant Filling Machine:

  • Appearance: The appearance is beautiful, and the design is compact and fair.
  • Control System: Mitsubishi PLC control system with random filling volume changes.
  • Control Panel: Colorful screen, simple to operate, solid and dependable control panel
  • Filling Nozzle with Filling Blocker: The filling nozzle now has a filling blocker. This machine can perform diving filling based on the qualities of the materials. (you have the option of selecting this function)
  • Real-Time Alarming: Automatic alarming when a fault occurs, as well as automatic stopping and alarming when the system appears to be seriously malfunctioning.
  • Improvements in performance: Using an internationally recognized brand to assure exceptional quality, stability, and precision.
  • Machine Elements: The parts that come into touch with the material are made of high-grade stainless steel (SS 304), which is non-poisonous. (If required, SS316 could be used.)
  • Expansion Function: We may perform bespoke configurations to meet the needs of our customers. (airtightness, heating, sterilization, and so on)
  • Counting Detection: Real-time counting that immediately reflects the output.
  • Filling Detection: No bottle, no filling; if there aren’t enough bottles, it won’t fill them.
  • Condition of Maintenance: Fully compliant with GMP criteria, easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Environmental Protection Configuration: Equipped with an environmentally friendly frame, allowing for a more sanitary and cleaner operating environment as well as more precise filling measurement.

Benefits of Automatic Deodorant Filling Machine

Swift and Precise: This wizard works like a charm, filling deodorant containers faster than you can blink. No more worries about uneven filling – our magical machine ensures every container is perfectly filled to the brim.

Cost-Effective Enchantment: Unlock the secret to saving money and resources! With our Automatic Filling Machine, you’ll see your production costs drop as it eliminates the need for excess labor and minimizes wastage like magic.

Boost Your Potions’ Potency: Watch your productivity soar to new heights! Our Deodorant Wizard waves its wand and meets the growing demand effortlessly, leaving you with more time to focus on other enchanting aspects of your business.

Impeccably Clean Charmer: Hygiene is our top priority! Our Automatic Filling Machine casts a cleanliness spell, keeping every deodorant product pure and safe for your customers.

Adapts Like a Chameleon: Versatility at its best! No matter the container size or type, our magical machine effortlessly adjusts to fulfill your deodorant dreams.

No Downtime Hexes: Say goodbye to frustration and hello to seamless production. Our Automatic Filling Machine works tirelessly without any downtime tricks.

Simple Sorcery: Easy as waving a wand! Our user-friendly interface makes operating this marvel a breeze, no advanced wizardry skills are required.

Unravel the Magic Data: Delve into the secrets of success with our integrated tracking system. Unravel the enchantment of efficiency and make informed decisions to boost your business.

Compliance Charisma: Fear no regulations! Our Automatic Filling Machine possesses the power to comply with industry standards, ensuring you’re always in good graces with the authorities.

Technical Product Specification – Automatic Deodorant Filling Machine

  • Filling Range :- 50 ml to 1000 ml
  • Output :- 1500 to 3000 per hour
  • Direction of Movement :- Left to Right
  • Number Of Head / Syringe :- 4 Nos.
  • Main Machine :- 1 HP / 415 V / 50 HZ
  • Conveyor :- 0.5 HP / 415 V / 50 HZ
  • Power Supply :- Single Phase

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1. What is an Automatic Liquid Filling machine?

A liquid filling machine pours liquid raw materials into bottles and vials in order to convert them into a finished packaged product that can be seen on the shelf and sold.

2. What does an Automatic Deodorant Filling Machine is beneficial?

It simplifies the process of filling bottles. The devices also make it easier to fill individual bottles of deodorant at the same time. You can also choose to fill the bottles based on certain characteristics. You can complete the deodorant filing cycle rapidly if you use automatic deodorant filling equipment.

3. How much does an Automatic Deodorant Filling Machine cost?

To know more on the cost factor, contact us at [email protected] or post an inquiry on the contact us section

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