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A shrink tunnel is a tunnel that is heated and has a conveyor system running through it. To correctly heat a shrink film, the shrink tunnel’s heat settings and conveyor speed can be modified. The heat that is delivered to the shrink film causes the film to conform firmly to the product contained within it.

A shrink tunnel (also known as a heat tunnel) is a metal tube that is erected above or around a conveyor. A heating element in the tunnel heats the items as they pass through the machine. Your goods are transported through the tunnel and wrapped in a loose-fitting shrink film.

We, at Filsilpek, are dedicated to providing a wide range of Shrink Tunnels. These machines are used for packaging in the fruit juice, dairy, food, and beverage industries. They are designed to meet international quality standards.

The operator must physically place each plastic sleeve on the container one at a time. The container travels through the tunnel on a conveyor. At the opposite end, gather the container.

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Utility Pre-requisites for Shrink Tunnel

  • Electrical supply:- 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
  • Electrical load :- 5 KW

Features of Shrink Tunnel

  • Temperature can be adjusted according to speed.
  • Auto temperature controlled system is available.
  • Compact in size.
  • Rugged heavy duty machine.
  • Accurately controlled tunnel temperature.

Technical Specification – Shrink Tunnel

  • Power supply :- 3-phase AC 380-415v , 50/60 Hz
  • Power :- 6-8 KW.
  • Shrink Tunnel :- 3.5 feet L *2 feet w * 2 feet h.
  • controller :- Digital Temperature 0 to 180®c degree.
  • Body :-M.S. Powder Coated.
Shrink Tunnel