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Milk is a nutrient-dense liquid food produced by mammals’ mammary glands. It is a juvenile mammal’s principal source of nutrition until they are able to digest solid food. Colostrum, or early-lactation milk, contains antibodies that improve the immune system, lowering the risk of several diseases. Other nutrients found in milk include protein and lactose.

Filsilpek Designs and Manufactures Automatic Milk Filling Machines
Fully Automatic Milk Filling equipment is one of our specialty products from the filling machine product line. A volumetric base piston filler is used to fill milk with this automated machine. This automated milk filling equipment is compatible with both Glass milk bottles and Pet milk bottles. With an automatic milk filling machine, filling of flavored milk, lassi, cream, raw milk, and milkshakes are done.

Automatic operation support and Syringe are included in the Milk Filling Machine, ensuring perfect operation handling. Furthermore, the usage of SS 304 extends the system’s service life. Other than milk filling, this machine is also suitable for handling products such as milk, fruit juice, and others. This automatic filling machine can be provided with various production capacities, with filling capacities ranging from 250ml to 1000ml; customized add sealing diameters, compact structure finish, and suitable for normal temperature filling.

Why Milk Producers Need Automatic Milk Filling Machines? – Benefits of Automatic Milk Machines?

  • Product Integrity and Freshness: Milk filling machines are designed to handle milk in a gentle and controlled manner, minimizing agitation and preserving the product’s integrity. This helps to maintain the freshness, flavor, and nutritional value of the milk, ensuring a high-quality end product for consumers.
  • Improved Shelf Life: Automatic milk filling machines often incorporate features such as nitrogen flushing or vacuum sealing, which help to extend the shelf life of the milk. These techniques remove excess oxygen from the packaging, reducing the growth of spoilage-causing bacteria and maintaining the milk’s freshness for a longer period.
  • Enhanced Branding and Packaging Options: Milk filling machines can be equipped with customization options, allowing businesses to create unique packaging designs and brand identities. This includes options for labeling, printing batch codes, adding promotional materials, or utilizing innovative packaging formats to differentiate their products in the market.
  • Reduced Product Waste: Automatic milk filling machines are designed to minimize product waste during the filling process. Accurate dosing systems and advanced control mechanisms ensure that each container is filled with the correct amount of milk, reducing overfilling and spillage. This helps businesses to optimize their milk usage, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Milk filling machines often come with built-in features to assist businesses in meeting regulatory compliance standards. These features can include automatic monitoring and recording of filling parameters, such as volume, temperature, and hygiene controls, ensuring that the milk production process aligns with relevant food safety regulations.

Robust Features of Automatic Milk Filling Machine

  • ±1 % Filling accuracy on a single pour
  • Zero Bottle, Zero Filling.
  • Contact Parts made of S.S.316
  • Seamless Performance through Rigid Vibration Free Construction
  • Ingenious Architecture with S.S. Matt finished body
  • Versatile and Dynamic Scaling from one size to another container or fill size, with Minor costing,
  • Self-lubricating UHMW-PE guide profile for S.S.slat chain provides low
  • friction wear surface, smooth and tranquil conveying.
  • Vivacious Bottle-stopping technology powered by a pneumatic mechanism.
  • Synchronized two nos. A/c drives for main motor & conveyor belt.
  • Safety guard for conveyor gearbox, motor, and pneumatic cylinders.
  • Inbuilt protection against over current, voltage fluctuation, short circuit in A/c frequency drive.
  • Total GMP model.

Technical Product Specification – Automatic Milk Filling Machine

  • Filling Range:- 50 ml to 1000 ml
  • Output:- 480 to 700 per hour
  • The Direction of Movement:- Left to Right
  • Number Of Head / Syringe:- 4 Nos.
  • Main Machine :- 1 HP / 415 V / 50 HZ
  • Conveyor :- 0.5 HP / 415 V / 50 HZ
  • Power Supply:- Single Phase

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1. What is Liquid Filling?

Filling rigid or flexible containers with free-flowing or for businesses such as food, drinks, cosmetics, home goods, chemicals, and a variety of others is known as liquid filling.

2. What is a Volumetric Milk filling machine and how does it work?

Volumetric milk filling devices accurately distribute the proper amount of milk into a container by measuring the volume of milk delivered. Filling a cylinder to the required size and dispensing the milk into the container by the piston is one method of measurement. A scheduled interval of Milk flow, which consistently dispenses the proper volume of milk, is an alternative option.

3. Why do Milk producers need Automatic Filling Machines?

During each fill cycle, the automatic milk filler transfers product from a holding tank to waiting for bottles or other containers without the need for operator interaction. A milk producer looking for seamless filling and packaging can expect to improve its operation in a variety of ways by automating the filling process.

4. How much does an Automatic Milk Filling Machine cost?

To know more on the cost factor, contact us at [email protected] or post an inquiry on the contact us section

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