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Carton Belts are best suited for the cargo and shipping industry as the design of the belt is such where it does not allow the package to move freely and also decreases the human efforts. In cases of the package being heavy or fragile the company doesn’t have to worry about the package mishandling. The carton conveyor belts design and construction of the trade pattern is such that it gives the package a firm grip and does not allow it to move easily securing the contents of the package. The conveyor also works in the process of packaging where the empty boxes are placed on the conveyor and directed towards the filling area.

We, at Filsilpek, provide a Carton Box Inclined Belt Conveyor system that can be utilised to transport packed boxes or cartons for labelling or distribution. These conveyor systems could be employed in warehouses, distribution centres, or even packing and parcel delivery centres. The proposed conveyor has a modest inclination, allowing the boxes to travel fast and smoothly. We also have Sidewall Belt Conveyor available.

Application of Carton Belt Conveyor

  • In Variety of Material Handling Applications
  • Food and Beverage processing
  • Manufacturing
  • commercial goods,
  • construction materials

Unique Features of Carton Belt Conveyor

  • Vibration Free.
  • Both sides guided.
  • The modular design allows adding complete conveyors or extensions to existing production lines.
  • Help to maximise production proficiency.

Technical Specification of Carton Belt Conveyor

  • Structure :- Stainless Steel
  • Speed :- Variable & Fix.
  • Customised in all Size
Carton Belt Conveyor