Table Top Rewinding Machine

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  • AC Drive : 1HP.
  • AC Motor : 1HP.
  • Web Width : Up to 150mm.
  • Rw/Uw Shaft : Expander Roll.
  • Maximum Design Speed : 50MPM.
  • Rw/Uw Core Diameter : 76mm.
  • Lines speed control : Automatic.

Application of Table Top Rewinding Machine

  • Laminate Roll
  • Paper Roll.
  • Label Roll.
  • Batch coding Printing suitable for inkjet, T.I.J Printer.

Features of Table Top Rewinding Machine

  • Cantilever design with minimum power & labor.
  •  Tension Control by manually hand brake.
  •  Provision for incorporating ink-jet printing system.
  •  Heavy duty structure for vibration free operation.
  •  Provision For Incorporating Ink Jet Printing System.
  •  Guide Roller with Rubber Cork Material (Avoid Slippage).
Table Top Winder Rewinder Machine For Batch Coding