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Inspection table is a piece of equipment that consists of a three-track conveyor, a hood with lights, and a visual inspection background that alternates between black and white. The inspection table is made of stainless steel and has a moving stainless steel slat chain. Supported by adjustable bolts, the structure is built of stainless steel square pipe. This is a bespoke product that we created based on the needs of the customer.

Feature of Inspection Table

  • Length can be made as per customer requirement.
  • PVC black & white board as per GMP norms.
  • SS elegantly matt finishing.
  • Adjustable height of conveyor belt, to align with other machines of the line.
  • Self-aligning bearing for easy maintenance.

Technical Specification of Inspection Table

  • Direction of Movement : Left to right.
  • Output : Up to 100 Containers / minute & Up to 150 Containers / minute.
  • Brand :
  • Material : Stainless Steel.
  • Number of operators :Four (2 x 2, Two side seated),Six (3 x 2, Two side seated),.
  • Power Characteristics : 0.5 HP/220 V/50 Hz.
  • Height of Conveyor : 860 mm to 910 mm.
  • Machine Dimensions** : 1500 mm (L) x 700 mm (W) x 1525 mm (H).
  • Net weight : 200kg,275kg
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