Eye Drop Filling Machine – 24bpm

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This automatic system comprises of a 3 stages indexing mechanism to perform a sequence of operations for Filling, Inner Plugging and Screw Capping. The unit is fabricated on rigid MS structure and cladded with SS Sheet to meet GMP requirements. All three operational stations are housed in a common acrylic cabinet to provide safe working zone. The unit is made compact & versatile with three operational stations of Filling, Inner Plugging and Screw Capping on a common center star wheel adjoined with infeed & out feed S.S. slat conveyor. Filling station consists of two reciprocating nozzles for filling, supported by Volumatric Head assisted dosing. Inner Plugging station consists of vibratory inner plug feeding device and pneumatic plug pressing unit along with pneumatic cap placement mechanism. Screw Cap sealing station consists of Vibratory screw cap feeding device along with and cap screwing unit with Rotary heads. Main drive, conveyor drive, capping drive & Volumatic filling is synchronized PLC.

Application of Eye Drop Filling Machine – 24bpm

  • Eye Drop
  • Liquid drop filling
  • Pharmaceuticals

Features of Eye Drop Filling Machine – 24bpm

  • A very compact & versatile equipment for 3 in one operation.
  • Unique for small volumes filling for Eye/Ear/Nasal drops.
  • Smooth & efficient Filling-Inner Plugging & Screw Capping operations in one star wheel.
  • Elegant matt finish body with acrylic enclosure on operational zone.
  • Designed for low noise & maintenance less operation.
  • Pneumatic inner plug pressing & cup placement.
  • All contact parts made of SS 316.
  • Screw capping heads is designed to apply adequate torque.
  • No bottle, No plug, No cap – machine stop system.
  • Equipped with torque limiter to protect indexing mechanism.
  • No bottle – No fill, No plug – No cap, No bottle – No plug system.
  • PLC Base Operation

Specification of Eye Drop Filling Machine – 24bpm

  • Filling Range :- 10 ml to 50 ml *
  • Output/Hour :- 1200 to 1800
  • No. of Filling Head :- 2 Head
  • No. of Head of Inner Plug :- 1 head
  • No. Of Head of Outer Cap :- 1 Head
Eye Drop Filling And Capping Machine