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Conveyors are long-lasting and dependable components found in automated distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing and production facilities. This provides for more efficient retail, wholesale, and manufacturing distribution when combined with computer-controlled pallet handling equipment. It is a labour-saving method that lets huge volumes flow quickly through a process, allowing businesses to export or receive larger volumes with less storage space and labour.

Filsilpek has been providing an excellent quality range of SS Belt Conveyor since its inception. The materials used to make this belt conveyor are aluminium alloy and stainless steel. The provided belt conveyor is employed in a variety of distilleries, breweries, food processing industries, and other belt conveyor manufacturing businesses. After evaluating facilities, companies, and industries, the provided belt conveyor is designed and constructed. As a result, it provides clients with optimal performance and impeccable service. Clients can also get the belt conveyor at a reasonable price.

Application of S S Belt Conveyor

  • In Variety of Material Handling Applications
  • Food and Beverage processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging

Unique Features of S S Belt Conveyor

  • Vibration Free.
  • Both sides guided.
  • The modular design allows adding complete conveyors or extensions to existing production lines.
  • Help to maximise production proficiency.

Technical Specification of S S Belt Conveyor

  • Structure :- Stainless Steel
  • Speed :- Variable & Fix.
  • Customised in all Sizes
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