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The Hindi name for asafetida is hing or heeng (sometimes spelled asafoetida). It’s also known as devil’s excrement, stinking gum, asant, food of the gods, jowani badian, hengu, ingu, kayam, and ting, among other names.

Filsilpek Designs and Manufactures Automatic Hing Powder Filling Machine
The Hing Powder Filling Unit is precision built on a solid welded MS frame that is totally enclosed in stainless steel sheet and has doors to make servicing the machine easier. The device is designed to be compact, multifunctional, and housed in a stainless steel body with an appealing matt finish. The machine is made of a hefty C I casting that has been professionally machined and coated in an anti-rust color. All product contact components will be made of stainless steel 304 or 316, depending on the customer’s requirements.

The screw feeder mechanism and positive displacement are at the heart of the high powder packing machine’s design. The machine’s number of revolutions is regulated by the machine controller, which ultimately determines the filling quantity. This machine model is both user-friendly and mechanically basic. This machine can be operated in either automatic or manual mode using the footswitch. The hopper is filled with hing powder and kept level to achieve flawless accuracy in hing powder loading.

Benefits of Automatic Hing Powder Filling Machine

Increased Production Speed: The automatic filling machine significantly speeds up the filling process, allowing manufacturers to fill a large number of hing powder containers quickly. This boost in production speed translates to higher output and better responsiveness to market demands.

Consistent Filling Accuracy: The machine is designed to dispense hing powder with precise and consistent measurements for each container. This level of accuracy ensures uniform product quality, reducing variations and customer complaints.

Reduction in Labor Costs: Automation eliminates the need for manual labor in the filling process, leading to reduced labor costs. Manufacturers can optimize their workforce, focusing on other critical tasks, such as quality control and maintenance.

Minimized Material Waste: The automatic hing powder filling machine minimizes material wastage by ensuring that each container receives the exact required amount of hing powder. This leads to cost savings and a more environmentally friendly production process.

Improved Hygiene and Safety: With automated filling, there is less direct contact between the hing powder and workers, leading to improved hygiene and safety in the manufacturing environment. This helps to prevent potential contamination and health hazards.

Flexibility in Packaging: The machine can handle various packaging sizes and types, providing manufacturers with the flexibility to cater to different market segments and customer preferences.

Application of Automatic Hing Powder Filling Machine

  • Hing Powder
  • All type of powder

Features of Automatic Hing Powder Filling Machine

  • No container no filling system.
  • Accuracy ± 1 % in single doze.
  • Body covered with SS sheet.
  • All contact parts SS 316/304.
  • A unit to fill variety of fine and granulated powder and can be used for various type of containers.
  • Minimum change over time of change parts.

Specification of Automatic Hing Powder Filling Machine

  • Filling Range :- 50gm to 1000gm.
  • Output/Hour :- 600 to 1200.
  • Number of head :- Single Head.

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