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Liquid waterproofing is the technique of adding a liquid coating to a surface or object to make it water-resistant in specific conditions. The liquid coatings, whether single-component or multi-component, are simple to apply and protect metals, wood, concrete, and other surfaces for a long time.

We bring high-grade Automatic Waterproofing Liquid Filling Machine to our valued consumers after achieving a noteworthy position with our vast industry experience. Our machine, which is powered by a pneumatic pump, is designed to fill water in bulk volumes, as well as vicious and semi-viscous liquids. In the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and painting sectors, the provided Automatic Waterproofing Liquid Filling Machine is widely utilized. Inspection is carried out at various stages of manufacture to avoid any astigmatism.

Automatic Volumetric Water Proofing Liquid Filling Machine uses diving nozzles and works on a volumetric premise. The unit is built compact, multifunctional, and contained in stainless steel beautifully matt finish body, and it includes a stainless steel slat conveyor, a reciprocating nozzle with self-centering devices, and a stainless steel syringe. There is no container. The machine does not come with a typical filling system.

Benefits of Automatic Water Proofing Liquid Filling Machine

Spot-On Precision: This genius machine hits the bullseye every time! Say farewell to uneven fills, as it accurately pours the perfect amount of waterproofing material into each container, ensuring flawless performance.

Speed of the Sea: Meet the speedboat of your production line! With the agility of a dolphin, this machine swiftly fills countless containers, riding the waves of productivity and leaving your competitors in awe.

Cost-Effective Captain: A cost-saving hero in disguise! Though it might seem like a treasure at first, its magic lies in cutting down labor costs, minimizing material wastage, and unlocking the treasure chest of financial gains.

Safety Lifeguard: Your guardian angel against mishaps! By handling the material filling process, this lifeguard keeps your crew safe from potential hazards, ensuring a smooth and worry-free voyage.

Eco-Warrior: A superhero for the environment! With its eco-friendly powers, it reduces material waste, ensuring a clean, green journey towards a more sustainable future.

Versatility Voyager: The ultimate explorer of options! Ready to tackle any challenge, this adventurer can handle various container sizes and packaging types, seamlessly integrating into your existing setup.

Remote Navigator: Chart your course from afar! With its remote navigation abilities, you can steer the ship of production even from distant shores, making adjustments and ensuring smooth sailing.

Salient Features of Automatic Waterproofing Liquid Filling Machine

  • ±1 % Filling accuracy on a single pour
  • Zero Bottle, Zero Filling.
  • Machine Parts made of S.S.316
  • Impeccable Performance through Rigid Vibration Free Construction Ingenious Architecture with S.S. Matt finished body
  • Unique and Dynamic Scaling from one size to another container or fill size, with Minor costing,
  • Self-lubricating UHMW-PE guide profile for S.S.slat chain provides low friction wear surface, smooth and tranquil conveying.
  • Dynamic Bottle-stopping technology powered by a pneumatic mechanism.
  • Synchronized two nos. A/c drives for main motor & conveyor belt.
  • Safety guard for conveyor gearbox, motor, and pneumatic cylinders.
  • Inbuilt protection against over current, voltage fluctuation, short circuit in A/c frequency drive.
  • Total GMP model.

Technical Product Specification – Automatic Waterproofing Liquid Filling Machine

  • Filling Range :- 50 ml to 1000 ml
  • Output :- 1500 to 3000 per hour
  • Direction of Movement :- Left to Right
  • Number Of Head / Syringe :- 4 Nos.
  • Main Machine :- 4 HP / 415 V / 50 HZ
  • Conveyor :- 0.5 HP / 415 V / 50 HZ
  • Power Supply :- Single Phase

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1. What is an Automatic Filling Machine?

An automatic filling machine guides organize, fills, and then releases bottles, In an automatic bottle packing line

2. How does a Waterproofing Liquid Filling Machine work?
The automated Waterproofing Liquid filling machine uses a volumetric Syringe Base filling principle to fill containers with a consistent volume of Waterproofing Liquids. Regardless of the variances in the internal capacity of your containers, automatic Waterproofing Liquid filling equipment will ensure that each container is filled with the same amount of Waterproofing Liquid.
3. What is Volumetric filler?

Filling by volume rather than weight or level is referred to as volumetric filling. One of the most precise filling technologies available today is a liquid volumetric piston filler

4. How much does an Automatic Waterproofing Liquid Filling Machine cost?
To know more on the cost factor, contact us at [email protected] or post an inquiry on the contact us section
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