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The Air Jet Vacuum Cleaning Machine is a new generation vacuum cleaner with cutting-edge design and high-speed digital PLC technology. The equipment is ideal for cleaning glass and PET bottles pharmaceutical companies, and other businesses. Cleaning glass bottles and vials of various shapes is a breeze with this equipment. Even if the product changes, the automatic loading and unloading will keep the manufacturing line running smoothly. This Air Jet Cleaning Machine is distinguished by its solid structure, which is vibration-free, jerk-free, and noise-free. Filsilpek process machines are Air Jet Vacuum Cleaning Machine Manufacturers who can provide you with the solution you need.

Cleaning with an automatic vertical Air Jet Positive air pressure and vacuum cleaning are used by the machine. The machine is made up of S.S. Slat Conveyor and Reciprocating cleaning nozzles and is contained in a stainless steel beautifully matt finish body. The machine comes with no container and no cleaning system as standard features. A/c Motor with synchronised variable A/c Frequency Motor serves as the machine’s main drive and conveyor drive.

Application of Bottle Washing Airjet

  • Pharma Industry.
  • Food Industry.

Robust Features of Bottle Washing Airjet

  •  Positive air pressure and vacuum cleaning.
  •  Easy operation.
  •  Adjustable & diving type cleaning nozzles.
  •  Automatic loading and unloading of container.
  •  Individual control for air pressure and vacuum cleaning.
  •  Higher capacity blower to clean properly.
  •  S.S. pressure meter.

Technical Specification – Bottle Washing Airjet

  • Output / Hour*:- 1000 to 2400
  • of Cleaning Nozzles :- 4
  • Direction of Machine :- Left to right
  • Cleaning Cycle :- Positive air pressure and vacuum cleaning
  • Working height :- 850 to 900 mm
Automatic Vertical Air Jet Cleaning