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A rotary bottle washing machine can clean bottles and containers without the need for pre-washing. This sort of washing machine is designed for people who have a lot of glass or pet bottles and containers to wash. It’s a manual bottle loading and unloading system with an automatic bottle washing system. The inner and outer wash features assist in cleaning the container from the inside out, making it easy to see whether or not it has been washed. This rotating bottle washer also features a separate control panel to assist prevent short circuits. The bottles are manually loaded and unloaded onto a rotating platform before being cleaned. The sequence of washes is chosen by the consumer.

It can clean round, square, rectangular, and oval bottles of various heights. It can be used to clean pet bottles and containers. Filsilpek’s Machine is a Rotary bottle washer in Ahmedabad that provides high-quality machines at a reasonable price.

The Rotary Bottle Washing Equipment is a small, high-efficiency machine with a stylish appearance. The GMP criteria for cleaning glass and plastic bottles are met by this multifunctional, multi-featured machine. The machine works on a rotational principle using a “GENEVA” mechanism, and bottles must be loaded and unloaded manually.

Application of Bottle Washing Hot And Cold Water

  • Pharma Industry
  • Food Industry

Features of Bottle Washing Hot And Cold Water

  •  Geneva Mechanism used to maintain timing between two wash.
  •  Five Wash (Four inner and one outer).
  •  Stationary Spray nozzles, Collection tray & Re-circulation System avoid Contamination of water cycle.
  •  To adjust sequence of washes as per customer’s SOP.
  •  Solenoid valve for each washing sequence reduce leakage & wastage of water.
  •  Higher pressure centrifugal pumps to clean bottle properly.
  •  Pumps and Tanks are fitted on separate stand for easy cleaning & maintenance.
  •  Height adjustable bottle guide for pet or light weight bottle.
  •  Separate Control panel provide for locate as per customer’s convenient an avoid any accident.

Specification of Bottle Washing Hot And Cold Water

  • Output / Hour* :- 2600 to 6000.
  • No .of Container Holder:- 64
  • Direction of Machine**:- Clockwise.
  • Tank Capacity:- 75 Ltr. S.S. 304 (2 Nos.)
  • Wash Cycle :- 4 Inner+1 Outer (optional air cycle available)
  • Working height :- 850 to 900 mm
  • Change parts required:-

(A) Neck Dia: Bottle holding pocket.

(B) Flat Container: Special type of cup

Pharma Bottle Rotary Washing Machine
Pharma Bottle Rotary Washing machine