Automated Packaging System – Tools & Tricks to Increase Uptime of Your Packaging Machinery

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In today’s market, just-in-time deliveries and speedy turnarounds are essential. This translates to a requirement for enhanced efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Downtime is expensive and reduces your capacity to satisfy client needs and complete orders.

As a result, you’re always trying to figure out how to improve uptime. Your personnel can only do so much, especially when it comes to your packing operations.

You might find the solution you’re looking for in an automated packaging solution. Here are just a few of the many ways that automated packaging systems can help you enhance uptime.


Automated Packaging Solutions are Continue to Exist

Strapping and wrapping by hand takes a long time and is exhausting. Your staff may start out strong in the first hour, but fatigue sets in by the time they’re halfway through their shift. They’re no longer working at the same speed, and their work may not be of the same caliber.

By working at the same speed all of the time, an automated packing solution solves this difficulty. A machine does not get tired or require breaks.

You may also prevent complications like having to switch between tensioners, cutters, and sealers if you use the proper solution. An all-in-one solution allows you to complete your strapping or wrapping chores without stopping to look for the proper tools.


Streamline Material Reloading

Automated packaging systems improve uptime but do not eliminate downtime completely. Running out of supplies is one of the reasons you pause your machine.

From time to time, your crew will need to reload the film in a stretch wrapper or the plastic strapping in a strapping machine. Supplies for label printers and other machinery may also need to be refilled. The good news is that you can control and streamline this downtime. When one material has to be reloaded in the machine, have your team examine other supplies and replenish them as well.

You can avoid several stoppages and keep your packaging process going smoother and longer with a streamlined approach.


Preventive Maintenance is essential

Machine maintenance is another significant cause of downtime. Automated packaging solutions, like any other machine, require regular care and maintenance.

Adopting a regular preventative maintenance programme for all of the machines that make up your automated packaging process is one of the best things you can do. Taking a few minutes each day to clean the machine and inspect it for damage will help to ensure that minor issues don’t turn into major ones down the line.

For bigger maintenance chores, such as part replacement, you should also construct a maintenance schedule. Bearings, cutters, and other important parts will likely need to be replaced after a certain number of cycles to keep your machines in good working order.


Unanticipated Downtime

Everything ultimately goes down, including your automated machinery. You should have a service level agreement (SLA) in place with your supplier or keep a stock of vital spare parts on hand.

If you opt to outsource maintenance of unanticipated occurrences, make sure you have a service level agreement (SLA) that meets your needs. If you decide to perform it yourself, discuss your important spare parts list with your equipment partner to enable a quick recovery from unanticipated incidents.


Analyze the Data

You’ll be able to collect additional data about your packing efficiency once you’ve implemented an automated packaging solution.

Collecting this information will allow you to see where you can improve even more and increase uptime. You might be able to improve your reloading schedules even further. You might be able to improve how operators switch off for breaks or between shifts by streamlining the process.

Workload Redistribution

Automated packaging solutions also enable you to rethink the tasks that each member of your team is responsible for. You can free up your employees’ time by offloading some of the more time-consuming packaging activities.

That implies you may ask them to look into elements of the packing process that were previously rushed or ignored. Your staff may be able to focus on other activities, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency on the floor.

All of this translates to more uptime for your business. Get in contact with our specialists now at [email protected] to learn more about how automated packaging solutions may help you take your packaging system to the next level.


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